For the past one hundred and fifty years, it has been an Australian tradition to mine opals - this tradition is kept alive in our very own opal mines.

Mining involves intense physical labour, long hours and dedication. Although this work is demanding, the rewards outweigh the hardships. In addition to the beautiful gems we find we are also fortunate enough to work from nature's hand, it is an environment I have grown to appreciate.

I have been fortunate enough to participate in the mining process. This ' hands on' technique permits me to extract, examine and select the finest quality opals - some of wich are among my collection.

*To mine in this country, you must comply with many environmental and ecological regulations. If mining ceases, the area must be rehabilitated. To ensure that these regulations are observed, the Department of Mines and Energy monitor our operations. We embrace this positive and beneficial initiative.

Click on the map to get an impression of the location of our mining area.